For several years working in the field of environment, PR'eautech has surrounded itself with competent collaborators with a great expertise in the field of water treatment. 
We are very proud to present our division dedicated to the analysis, control and monitoring of water. We work in partnership with equipment manufacturers to find innovative, reliable and efficient equipment to meet the needs of the field. 
We are surrounded by partners offering unparalleled products and services.


We offer the service of installation, start-up and configuration of our equipments.

Our partners:

Self measuring equipment:

• Overlaps
• H2S
• pH
• Conductivity / Salinity
• Turbidity / SS
• Dissolved oxygen
• Pressure
• Flow
• Level


Measuring equipment:

• Flow
• Level
• Pressure
• pH / ORP
• Conductivity / Salinity
• Turbidity / SS
• Dissolved oxygen
• Chlorine
• Sludge blanket
• n-NH4 / n-NO3
• Color
• Absorbance UV
• Algae


Data retrieval by telemetry:

• Data
• HF via WIJI
• Internet interface 


Air quality monitoring:

• Concentration of gas
(S02, NO2,...)
• Particle concentration
(PM1, PM2.5, PM10)